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4th Dimension, LLC, is a mechanical engineering and design consulting group that provides engineering, design and drafting services to large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We also partner with companies without internal design departments or who need a team of experienced professionals on a project- by-project basis.

4th Dimension Engineering Clock ImageBut 4th Dimension delivers more than superior products and services. We deliver them on schedule and within budget. After all, we are the measure of time—and value and quality.

The founding partners of 4th Dimension, LLC, bring an unmatched depth, length, and breadth of experience to the fields of mechanical engineering and design.  Thirty combined years of working in the military and private industry cultivated their passion and talents for producing superior mechanical designs for a wide variety of applications.

However, the product is but one part of the equation for Fourth Dimension. We understand that satisfying clients also involves saving them money and, in particular, time. Without compromising quality, we ensure the latter is accomplished. It is why we are not the conventional mechanical engineering and design consulting group. Call us today and see how we can help you.